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"Words can't describe this band,
all I can say is that the saviors of British rock have arrived."

XANDER (Total Rock Radio, Pure Rawk webzine)

"Uncle Rotter is the future........ !
youd be a fool to miss these guys and they are gonna be so huge,go check em out!"
NIGE ROBERTS (vocalist for Marseille)


"Uncle Rotter are the most exciting rock band I've seen for eons: outrageous head-fucking stage presence combined with killer tunes, the perfect antidote to the bland mass-produced drivel we feed our kids to keep them quiet."
MATTHEW WRIGHT (Channel 5's 'The Wright Stuff')

"Fit Goth Chicks Etc, the best piece of home brewed rock n roll
I've heard in ages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
MIKE SWEENEY (DJ @ Manchester Rock Radio 106.1fm)




Uncle Rotter @ MMC Manchester Metal Massacre
October 2010

"The act I was keen to see was Uncle Rotter. They’ve had a lot of light shining on them in the last week, having released a single, "Zombies Wild", in aid of Make a Wish Foundation. Impressively this track has been endorsed by both Pantera’s Vinnie Paul and Slipknot/Stonesour’s Corey Taylor. And truth is they deserve that light – not because of their charity efforts, but because this six-piece outfit really know how to rock.

One of the things they really understand is both the power and comedy of Metal as theatre. Each band member is a character behind a mask. So youíve a Hellís Angel lead singer whose mask reminded me of those demon Nazis from ĎAn American Werewolf in Londoní; youíve got a tranny guitarist and a corpse-like doctor as a bassist and so on. But if youíre thinking Slipknot here, youíd be very wrong. For much as I like Slipknot, this music is a world away from their serious musings. With songs like "Alien Sex Farm" they play what they call Ďtwisted disco metalí. Itís like a cross between 80ís Glam Metal, Alice Cooper, and Punk and it is both huge fun and surprisingly accomplished. Hidden behind the energy of the vocalist, Uncle Rotter, were some lovely guitar harmonies, a bit of almost Nu Metal crunch and some very catchy RockíníRoll. This is one hell of a live band which seems to inspire a loyal and fun-loving fan base. After all, how many bands can boast a couple of guys dressed as Sesame Streetís Bert and Ernie? In a world where Metal can be over serious and has lost some of its glam fun, Uncle Rotter could go very far indeed. Letís hope so. A depressed world needs Uncle Rotter right now."
- Rachel Mann (Manchester Music)
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Manchester Metal Collective - Uncle Rotter


Uncle Rotter @ Manchester Metal Collective All Dayer, March 2010

Listening to Uncle Rotter makes you feel like somebody has just jizzed in your ear. The band are a badass, crotch grabbing romp through classic, hard rock waters; a dirty, seductive Lordi for the UK masses. This band are the embodiment of dirty, degrading and hedonistic sleaze, they are all about letting the good times roll and display big, vibrant personalities shepherded by the eponymous Uncle Rotter on vocals. Songs about 'Fit Goth Chicks on the end of my dick' and 'Don't smoke crack, smoke it from your dead mum's pussy instead' never fail to cuntslap the audience with a gnarled trout of pure rock n'roll. Uncle Rotter are here to stay, and if you don't like it, then lump it, because this is one band that wont be stopped by anything.
- ScottP.Keen
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SPOTLIGHT: Uncle Rotter




Uncle Rotter @ Main Stage, Bloodstock 2009

"They are best described by themselves as 'The Kings of Thuggish Cartoon Disco Metal'. Well they certainly woke the crowd up and the lyrics (Which I can't repeat were inventive, funny and downright rude) Musically they rocked my boat and were another fitting start to the days proceedings".........
" Well what a day Saturday has been with blinding performances on all three stages with the crowd in such a good mood that you wished this Fest could last forever. For me the highlights of the day were Uncle Rotter, Wolf & Blind Guardian."
- The Unforgiven (Dave Morris)
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"UNCLE ROTTER were even better than I expected, live their songs were a whole lot tighter and polished.
Fantastic stage presence too!"
- Nik Alexander
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"It’s 10.30 in the morning but the Bloodstock faithful already waiting in front of the main stage are about to be woken up with a possible treat. Winners of the unsigned band competition, Uncle Rotter, get to play the main stage, albeit only four songs. But it’s enough to make an impression! Uncle Rotter is, and I quote, “gothic glam thuggish cartoon disco metal”. Complete with rubber and leather masks, German army helmets, a blood covered Dr, and a male guitarist with mini skirt and bright red tights, they’re certainly visually interesting.
With titles like Fist Your Sister, Don’t Smoke Crack, Snort it From Your Dead Mum’s Pussy Instead and Fit Goth Chicks on the End of Your Dick I think you may get the idea of what Uncle Rotter is all about. It is catchy tongue-in-cheek sing-a-long metal, and even manages to steal a bit of Abba’s 'Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight’ in places. It’s
not politically correct but it is rather entertaining in a puerile way, and they put a smile on the crowd’s face.
A good fun opening act, that can also really play, to get day two of Bloodstock kicked off."
- Music Xtra
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Uncle Rotter at Bloodstock Open Air 2009

"Starting Saturday off rather early were Bolton based rockers UNCLE ROTTER, who lets face it, are a bit of fun and a good live band to put on at a festival.
They got the crowd going nicely with them joining in for ‘Fit Goth Chicks’."
- Adam Fredericks & James Allman
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"We all awoke to the strains of UNCLE ROTTER on the main stage on Saturday morning. Their trashy punk splatter, along with some amusing masks and lyrics made for a good start."
- Komodo Rock
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"This mix of glam rock and metal with in your face lyrics opened the main stage on the Saturday, just to give you an idea of what I meant with “In Your Face lyrics”, here are some of those lyrics: “Fit goth chicks on the end of my dick” and “Don’t smoke crack, sniff it off your dead mums snatch”. It’s quite clear not to take these seriously, or should you? Anyway, Uncle Rotter managed to get the crowd to sing along out loud early in the morning to set a good pace for the rest of the day."
- Run With The Torch
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Uncle Rotter's St George's Eve Bash, April 2009

"The place was incredibly packed for an unsigned night, they played as well as ever and the crowd reaction was probably all they could have wanted. They even managed to get a wall of death going, granted no one really knew when to run but the sentiment was there..." - Shirezy

"It was a cracking nite, and superb set by Uncle Rotter as always. That room was rammed full of people, and everyone seemed to be dancing and jumping about..." - Daelim

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Uncle Rotter @ Riffs Bar, Swindon, Sept 2009

"They are a band with an extraordinary amount of energy, huge stage presence (given the chance to perform on a decent stage) musically talented and oodles of fun and humour. The song ‘Fit Goth Chicks…’ has become somewhat of an anthem in the year that they have been touring. I thought that ‘Lesbian Vampire Killers’ might have been the ‘one’ given the PR attached to it but no, FIT GOTH CHICKS it is! They performed both tunes amazingly with Uncle Rotter scaling the sound desk and singing from the heavens and everything. The band’s appreciation of horror classics issued forth in their reflective number…The Eyes of P J Soles. This has a wicked sampler as an intro too! And I do like the way they like to grip their bits on stage…something quite primitive about it!..."
- Metal Petal

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King Lizard Interview - New Bands

“Also I saw an awesome band the other day, Uncle Rotter? fucking brilliant, bunch of nut cases wearing halloween masks with songs like ‘Fit Goth Girls on the end of my dick’. I dunno if they’re new but they’re wicked.. "
- Flash, King Lizard

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Crowd at Uncle Rotter gig



Supporting Dear Superstar at The Soundhouse, Bolton


Uncle Rotter supporting Dear Superstar @ The Soundhouse

“On stage stepped a small clan of masked men, in various states of costume, ranging from a psycho surgeon, a leather faced slave guitarist, down to the spectacular scary monster singer which is Uncle Rotter. Many of the songs feature explicit, shockable, filthy lyrics, and their single is the soundtrack from the new movie 'Lesbian, Vampire, Killers'. Their music is glam, goth, rock & metal all rolled into one, sucking on dicks, chicks, lesbians, pussys, chants of 'It's good to be back', that was a snippet from a clean lyric. I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed them, whilst not the kind of music I'd normally listen to, they were hugely entertaining and watchable, like viewing a live horror movie, hard to turn away. Uncle Rotter leaped off stage to indulge the viewers a few times, as did his tribe with guitars and stared intently into our faces, we couldn't help but smile... " - Mudkiss Fanzine

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Krushers Birthday Bash @ The Embassy Club, London

"Which brings us to the real stars of the night. Uncle Rotter - consisting of lead guitarists General Slave and Twiggy Bang Bang, Venom Rotter on rhythm guitar, Dr.T (M.D.) on bass, tom tom tickler Ramirez Rotter and of course Uncle himself on Vocals. They showed Pighorn and the audience how it should really be done.

Kicking off with the transcendent beauty of Alien Sex Farm, Glitter Queen and Cereal Killer (no relation of the Green Jello tune), they brought the audience to their feet and in some cases, premature ejaculation. Not even giving them time to wipe themselves clean, they launched like nuclear warheads into Server Perver, Devil's Work, the anthemic Your Mum’s Red Hot Even Though She’s Stone Cold Dead and Auto Asphyxiation Circle Jerk Suicide Pact..."
- DJ Krusher Joule

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Krusher Rock Night at The Embassy Club



Uncle Rotter and General Slave at Hawkfest 2008


Uncle Rotter @ Hawkfest 2008, Devon

"Over in the Time Tent some obnoxious masked jokers called Uncle Rotter attracted a fair crowd for some thuggish cartoon metal (“Makes you proud to be British” said Steve Starfarer, although his review suggests he enjoyed them)..."
- Graham P

"By this time late on Sunday, fatigue was setting in and it would have taken something much more distinctive from the general run of bands who'd played the festival to stir me from my ennui.  As luck would have it, there was such a band playing on the second stage in the Otter Bar tent: Uncle Rotter.  This lot were unexpectedly brilliant, half the band masked Lordi-style, ripping through a collection of filthily-worded
me(n)tal anthems of their own devising, with lots of shouty choruses... "
- Steve Starfarer

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