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Uncle Rotter at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2009

Uncle Rotter opened the main stage at Bloodstock Open Air 2009, the UK's No1 metal festival.

"They are best described by themselves as 'The Kings of Thuggish Cartoon Disco Metal'. Well they certainly woke the crowd up and the lyrics (Which I can't repeat were inventive, funny and downright rude) Musically they rocked my boat and were another fitting start to the days proceedings".........
" Well what a day Saturday has been with blinding performances on all three stages with the crowd in such a good mood that you wished this Fest could last forever. For me the highlights of the day were Uncle Rotter, Wolf & Blind Guardian."
- The Unforgiven (Dave Morris)
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"We all awoke to the strains of UNCLE ROTTER on the main stage on Saturday morning. Their trashy punk splatter, along with some amusing masks and lyrics made for a good start."
- Komodo Rock
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Uncle Rotter Bloodstock Open Air 2009

"This mix of glam rock and metal with in your face lyrics opened the main stage on the Saturday, just to give you an idea of what I meant with “In Your Face lyrics”, here are some of those lyrics: “Fit goth chicks on the end of my dick” and “Don’t smoke crack, sniff it off your dead mums snatch”. It’s quite clear not to take these seriously, or should you? Anyway, Uncle Rotter managed to get the crowd to sing along out loud early in the morning to set a good pace for the rest of the day."
- Run With The Torch
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"Starting Saturday off rather early were Bolton based rockers UNCLE ROTTER, who lets face it, are a bit of fun and a good live band to put on at a festival.
They got the crowd going nicely with them joining in for ‘Fit Goth Chicks’."
- Adam Fredericks & James Allman
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"UNCLE ROTTER were even better than I expected, live their songs were a whole lot tighter and polished.
Fantastic stage presence too!"
- Nik Alexander
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